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About Us

Our Mission

To empower young mothers in the foster care and human trafficking systems to break the generational cycle for themselves and their children.

Our Vision

A world of independent women who believe in themselves to accomplish their dreams.

From Fostered Babies to Flourishing Families:

The Inspiring Journey of Our Mother’s Home

At 74, Helen Coppage embarked on an extraordinary journey fueled by compassion and a fierce resolve. Having fostered nearly 60 babies in her own home, she witnessed firsthand the tangled web of challenges facing teenage mothers in the foster care system. It was through these intimate encounters that she uncovered a startling truth: many of these young mothers were themselves products of the same broken system.

With unwavering determination, Helen set out to carve a new path—a path that would not only support these young mothers but empower them to break free from the cycle of dependency. Recognizing the profound bond between mother and child, she envisioned a sanctuary where teenage mothers could raise their babies under one roof, while simultaneously receiving the guidance and skills necessary for independent living.

For seven years, Helen poured her heart and soul into bringing her vision to life. And on a poignant Mother’s Day in 2000, Our Mother’s Home of Southwest Florida, Inc. (OMH) was born—a beacon of hope in a landscape often marred by adversity.

Tragically, Helen’s journey came to an end later that same year, but her legacy lived on through the countless lives she touched. The Mentored Living Program at Our Mother’s Home became a lifeline for mothers and children alike, offering a haven of stability and support in a world fraught with uncertainty.

Through this program, families were preserved, foster mothers were empowered to stand on their own two feet, and children were spared the trauma of re-entering the foster care system. Helen’s vision had become a reality, etching her name into the annals of compassion and change.

What does Our Mother’s Home do?

Here are some highlights of how we accomplish our mission:

Tailored Service Plans

Each resident receives a personalized plan addressing their unique needs, from healthcare to education, ensuring comprehensive support.

Educational Empowerment

Through programs like YPEP, we offer academic assistance and advocacy, bridging educational gaps and fostering a pathway to success.

Life Skills Development

From parenting classes to financial literacy, we equip residents with essential skills for independent living and future success.

Holistic Support System

Our community provides emotional, educational, and practical support, creating a nurturing environment where young women can thrive.

Do you believe in our mission to break the cycle and empower these young women and children?

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