Fort Myers, FL



Board of Directors

Marin Asher


Bess Charles

Vice President

Azil Malan


Kelly Thawley


Melissa Vogt

Claribel Bocanegra

Melaina Mote

Talisha Faber

Teri Isacson

New Board Member

New Board Member

Interested in Joining Our Board?

Our Mother’s Home is expanding, and we believe it’s important for our Board of Directors to reflect this growth. To enhance our breadth of expertise, we aim to add two new members specializing in Mental Health, Laws and Governance, or Finances. If you’re interested in joining our team and learning about the fulfilling experience it offers, please reach out to us today!

Our Mission

To empower young mothers in the foster care and human trafficking systems to break the generational cycle for themselves and their children.

Our Vision

A world of independent women who believe in themselves to accomplish their dreams.

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