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Bess Charles

Board Member
Our Mother’s Home

LadyCakes, Inc.

Bess Charles

A serial entrepreneur and female powerhouse most known for her nationally recognized LadyCakes Bakery in Cape Coral, FL.  Bess attended Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY with a focus in Criminology and Psychology but went on to own many of her own businesses after moving to SWFL in 2005.  

Bess began her most successful Entrepreneurial journey with LadyCakes Bakery in 2014, which has been recognized as one of the Top 10 bakeries in Florida along with achieving local, regional, and nationwide exposure for their creative designs.

In 2019, Bess wrote her first Children’s Book; The Adventures of LadyCakes; Kindness is Sweet and enjoys sharing this sweet story whenever possible.  With over a decade worth of experience in running her own business, Bess created Illuminate Consulting Solutions in 2022.  Bess enjoys working with other Entrepreneurs to Encourage, Enhance and Empower them to achieve the next level of entrepreneurial success.

Amongst all the shared successes that Bess has had, she very much enjoys being able to make a difference as a Board Member on several non-profit organization boards, such as Our Mother’s Home, Better Together and Community Cooperative. 

Our Mission

To empower young mothers in the foster care and human trafficking systems to break the generational cycle for themselves and their children.

Our Vision

A world of independent women who believe in themselves to accomplish their dreams.

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