Fort Myers, FL



We are thrilled to announce that Marin Asher has been appointed as the President of the Board of Directors for Our Mother’s Home of Southwest Florida!

With her unwavering dedication and passion for empowering young women, Marin is stepping into this role with a mission to make a difference. She brings a wealth of experience and a heart full of compassion to lead our organization forward.

Marin’s commitment goes beyond words. She is determined to support young mothers aged 18-21 who have aged out of foster care or are striving to find their footing. Under her guidance, Our Mother’s Home is embarking on an inspiring journey to provide these young women with a semi-independent transitional living space in our new home. This space will serve as a sanctuary where they can receive the support, resources, and guidance they need to thrive.

Join us in congratulating Marin Asher on her new role and in celebrating the bright future ahead for the young mothers in our community. Together, we can create lasting change and empower these remarkable women to build a better tomorrow.